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26th March 2019

Cathy Willis

Hope Felton-Miller

Bringing the Consumer to Life

Demographics help marketers define their markets and combined with usage data create basic segmentations. But to truly understand your customer, you need a different approach. Our client wanted to understand their customers’ beliefs about their product and their motivations for purchasing. What were they trying to accomplish? How did their product make their lives better?

Felton Willis established that insight for the client, but beyond understanding, we brought the customer to life so that all employees could connect with the customer, relate at an emotional level with their wants and needs, and continue to deliver better and more targeted products and communications to serve the customer. Using a hybrid methodology involving electronic discussion boards, telephone interviews and ethnography, we were able to get a rich, multi-dimensional understanding of their reasons and motivation for using the products.

We then worked with the client to translate that deep understanding of fundamental motivations and values into personas that brought them to life. We developed one-page posters that told each persona’s story and key data, and created a video that further explained the customer to employees. Bringing the customer to life deeply connected employees to their markets and gave the creative insight to better serve them through new products and improved customer experience.

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