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26th March 2019

Cathy Willis

Hope Felton-Miller

Researching Diabetes Globally

Marketing research about diabetes is complicated. Think about the constellation of people involved in diabetic care. On the consumer side you have the patient, of course, but you also have the family of the patient and even friends. On the health professional side, you have the primary care physicians, endocrinologists, other referring physicians, diabetes educators, dietitians, and nutritionists involved in the care of diabetic patients.

Think about the impact on all of those lives. The diabetic, and usually their family, have to learn how to make different food choices, to monitor blood sugar levels, administer medication, and comply with the instructions and advice of an assortment of health professionals. Then consider different segments of diabetic patients. Managing diabetes for low-income patients is a vastly different matter than for patients with more financial resources.

Now think globally. The diabetes epidemic is well-documented in the US but unfortunately, it has become a global phenomenon. Felton Willis has interviewed diabetics and their families, including low-income diabetics, in the US, Europe and Asia. In Europe and Asia there are different beliefs and practices about nutrition, weight management and diabetes than in the US. These differences can be traced back to different health traditions and culture, languages, healthcare systems, and even religious practices.

In addition, perspectives often differ between patient and provider when it comes to correct treatment plans, the ability of patients to implement recommendations depending on their individual circumstances and abilities, and the definition of what “success” looks like.

Felton Willis has conducted several studies in this area seeking to understand all the dimensions and perspectives at play in this very complicated area and translating to recommendations for constructive strategies going forward.  Our depth and breadth of knowledge give us a definite advantage in designing and implementing global marketing research on diabetes.