A leader in qualitative research and strategy development
19th February 2020

Cathy Willis

Hope Felton-Miller

Cathy Willis

Smart. Sensitive. Innovative.

Cathy Willis is one of the Founders and Principles of Felton Willis. She is known for cracking the communication codes in the toughest industries. Combining her sharp intellect and extraordinary people skills, Cathy gleans gems of information to give businesses a competitive edge. In addition, Cathy is a leader in global qualitative research, and has paved the way in the use of web/phone-based interface to conduct interviews more efficiently.

Cathy has over 30 years of marketing and marketing research experience, both on the client side as a line marketer and on the supplier side as a qualitative moderator and consultant. As Marketing Director in Pharmaceuticals at Procter & Gamble, Cathy had direct responsibility for women’s health, GI and anti-infective products. She also had extensive marketing experience at P&G developing targeted marketing programs for a wide range of consumer products such as diapers, feminine care, skin care, oral care and food/nutritional products.

Cathy has a passion for travel, understanding people and cultures, wildlife, and most recently, photography. So when she’s not solving tough business challenges, you can find her behind the camera photographing people, landscapes, and wildlife around the world.